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The "Blue Jays" Name

More than 30,000 entries were received during a five-week name-the-team contest. A panel of 14 judges, including 10 Toronto media members, selected 10 finalists. From that list, the club’s board of directors settled on Blue Jays. “The Blue Jays was felt to be the most appropriate of the final 10 names submitted,” according to a statement issued by the board’s chairman, R. Howard Webster. “The blue jay is a North American bird, bright blue in color, with white undercovering and a black neck ring. It is strong, aggressive and inquisitive. It dares to take on all comers, yet it is down-to-earth, gutsy and good-looking.”

The Toronto Blue Jays' founding ownership group at the time was headed by the Labatt brewery, whose marquee brand has always been Labatt's Blue. The use of a team name with "blue" in it would be a marketing coup for Labatt's over the years considering their small investment at the time. Labatt's as part of their ownership would also have exclusive rights for beer sales at the stadium. The color was consistent with a longstanding tradition of Toronto sportsteams wearing blue included the NHL Maple Leafs, International League Toronto Maple Leafs, CFL Argonauts, and University of Toronto Varsity Blues.