Sunday, August 29, 2010

More Thoughts on Our Drafted Pitchers

Word is that Jays 4th round choice this year Sam Dyson may be a better pitching talent than their 1st rounder Deck Maguire. He dropped that low because of a history of injuries but you know how that goes. Once he gets healthy he can focus on putting his stuff together. Jays got 3 pitchers - Maguire, Dyson, Wochiekowski who could all move quickly and be ready for the SHOW in a couple of years. One scout has indicated that Maguire is possibly capable of handling double A right out of the gate but that the Jays will move him slower due to their pitching depth at the big league level. The 7th overall pick, Matt Harvey (similar abilities to Maguire) was selected by the Mets and because of their need for pitching and they've announced Harvey will start next year at double A.

All in all they've had a great year and exceeded expectations. AA has put together a new philosophy and foundation for a strong future. They could surprise a lot of people even next year depending on who the position players end of being. But certainly a couple of years from now they should be competing with the Rays, Red Sox and Yankees. What a division!

With all the concern over dropping attendance and lack of interest in an exciting Jays team, I can't believe Rogers would pull such a stunt with his new network TV arrangements. Money talks and they have the leverage. You would think they would want to encourage as many Jays viewers as possible who once interest developed would turn into ticket purchasers.

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