Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Now That's the Script I Was Talking About

Gaston's Confidence in Tallet Well Deserved Tonight

I've been riding the Jays all spring for their continued plans to make Tallet part of their starting rotation when I don't believe it is his strongest role. If he shows more performances reminiscent of tonight I will finally give it up and accept the professional baseball people know better. Let's see first if he can be consistent for a couple of months.

Tallet gave up only 2 earned runs and wasn't phased at all by the back jacks in the 4th. All he did was get back to the way he had been pitching and finished 6-2/3 innings with 6 strikeouts. Gregg followed with 1-1/3 innings of overpowering stuff before Frasor recorded his first save with 2 strikeouts of his own. He provided some drama by giving up a leadoff double to raise the emotions of fans who saw the same thing the day before leading to a blown save. It was the pitching script I keep writing about and expect season long for the Jays. It's also a pitching formula that will keep the Jays interesting and competitive this year.

The Highlight Reel

Vernon Wells with 2 homers and 3 RBI. He looks more comfortable at the plate right now than at any time in 2009. As I've previously said, one or more of he, Oberbay and Encarnacion have to have comeback years for the Jays to make .500 and Wells is off and running in that quest. Travis Snider looks more mature and patient at the plate taking a couple of walks before he got a pitch to hit that he drove to LF for a double. One of those walks was with the bases loaded and drove in a run.

Stuff To Worry About

Encarnacion with his 2nd error in as many games and the Jays with 3 overall tonight. It didn't hurt them overall tonight but the Jays need to play strong defense so they don't blow good outings by a young pitching staff. The team needs to spend a lot of time with John Buck on pitch identification and selection. He looked awful but is a big strong guy and if he can make better contact is capable of 15-20 homers. Don't expect Snider to hit 9th for long. He and Buck will be swapping spots in the batting order once Snider has a solid few weeks.

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