Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Yeah for the Bullpen - AGAIN!

I'm happy for Brian Tallet had an outstanding outing today, as did the whole pen who followed him, except for Merkin Valdez who gave up another run in his sole inning. Tallet continues to prove his value as a spot starter, particulalyr in shorter outings, as well as a long reliever. Tallet averaged about 5.5 innings per start last year and managed a 5.32 ERA and a .500 record. The previous year he had an ERA under 3.0 in 51 innings strking out almost a batter per inning. Am I the only one who still thinks Tallet is misplaced as a full-time starter? Today was a perfect example of how effective he can be over 4-5 innings when batters don't get to see him the 3rd or 4th time around. This strength is lost when you try to extend that ability to 5+ innings. Perhaps I'm not giving him enough credit and he only needs a full season as a starter to prove me wrong. On the other hand he could prove me right.

I just believe as a team we have a better option in Dana Eveland who's always been a starter. This would allow us to leave Tallet as the 2nd lefthander in the pen and place him in his best role which has the highest probability of success. Whatever the outcome, the 5th starter role will only be a temporary spot until Dustin McGowan gets to try out his rebuilt arm once it is built up to full strength. He would be a welcome sight every 5th day and would greatly enhance our chances of a .500 record this year.

Today's performance by the pen continues to enhance our ability to trade middle relief for a prospect. Valdez is obviously not going to make the team and likely will be waived unless someone else claims him due to his fabulous arm that he just doesn't seem to be able to harness.

What has become of our rule 5 draft pick Zechry Zinicola and what are the Jays plans for him? I would have thought they would have run him out more often to find out what they have. Perhaps they're trying to work out a deal with the Nationals so they can keep him and send him to the minors for more seasoning. If not, why haven't the Jays offered him back to the Nats as some other teams have already with their rule 5 picks? The same question goes for Jeremy Accardo. Only 1 inning pitched this spring which doesn't appear consistent with the Jays promise to give him every opportunity to make the team. Is he injured or is this a symptom of the Jays just having too many pitchers in camp?

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