Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Team Coming Together as Dust Settles

Starting 5 Clarified Further

The finger injury to Scrabble was more serious than expected and a fracture to the finger he though just bruised will keep him out at least 4-6 weeks. We all know that gripping a baseball to throw a specific pitch is an art with many subtelties. Having an injured finger on your pitching hand may take longer to heal completely and get back to the point where he can fine tune his pitches to establish himself permanently with the Jays.

This is similar to hitters who have hand injuries which can have a disastrous affect on their swing and mechanics. Just ask Lyle Overbay who is still trying to get back to the point he was at in 2006 when he hit 22 homers and had 92 RBI. After a mid season injury being hit by a pitch he has never been the same.

For the Jays it makes their job easier as Rzep hasn't been particularly effective the last 3 outings. After Cecil's outing today, the decision is much easier for Gaston. He can now have a clear conscience putting Eveland and Cecil in the rotation spots and Tallet back in the pen where he's most effective. With the demotion to Carlson, the Jays need Tallet's arm in the pen to give them some lefthanded depth and long relief flexibility.

Valdez had another scoreless outing and is beginning to look like a steal off the waiver wire. Downs, Gregg, Valdez, and Camp to get to closer Fraser with Tallet and Janssen in long relief is an exciting way to start the season. This team will pitch well though inconsistently due to its youth. If we hit at all - meaning Wells, Oberbay, Encarnacion we'll win enough games to reach .500.

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