Saturday, March 27, 2010

Status Quo Remains from Today's Game

Todays game didn't really clarify anything further for the Jays today. Tallet, Janssen, Accardo all pitched outstanding giving up 0 runs over the 8 innings they pitched. Several players continued their hot streaks with Jeremy Reed and Bautista each having 2 hits while Mike McCoy was 1 for 2 and Brad Emaus had a hit in his only at bat. Joey Garthright on the other hand had another 0 for 3 basically cementing the fact he'll not start the year with the Jays.

Jeremy Reed has certainly earned a spot as a backup but likely will be squeezed out by McCoy due to McCoy's speed and position flexibility. Let's hope the Jays can find a way to send him to the minors as he would be a great callup in the event of injury. Emaus continues to impress and as I posted a few days ago, he is looking like a major leaguer with each passing game. Where he plays and who he replaces is big question, but if he keeps hitting and knocking in runs the team will find a spot for him in the future.

You've got to like the way some of the Jays prospects are performing in spot action as well. Welinton Ramirez who hit .317 in the minors with 29 doubles and 17 SB was 1 for 2, while Darin Mastroianni last year hit .297 with 70 stolen bases and finished at AA had a hit in his only appearance.

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