Thursday, March 25, 2010

Other Team’s Needs Becoming Clearer

1B Situation Could Open UP
Lyle Oberbay is very quietly putting together a very nice spring. With yesterday’s game he is now hitting .435 with 10 hits in 23 at bats including 5 doubles and 8 RBI. Let’s hope he continues to pound the ball throughout the spring and into the season which will enhance his trade value.

Teams Continue to Talk Up Jays Relievers
Great feature on Fox Sports about 10 top trade possibilities and the teams who they could be going to. Notables include both Scott Downs and Jason Frasor going to the Rays and Cubs respectively.

We Could Trade a Starting Pitcher Too
Sports Illustrated notes that the Dodgers are sorely in need of SP depth behind Kershaw and Billingsly. Could they be interested in one of our young starters and be willing to include SS Dee Gordon or OF Andrew Lambo in return? A year ago, Baseball America did an article which ranked prospects by position and Lambo was on the same list with similar or better stats than Travis Snider. Anybody interested?

Anyone Could Be Traded
With Boston Red Sox middle infield situation becoming murky with injuries to Dustin Pedroia and Jeff Lowrie, could they be interested in super sub Mike McCoy as a backup? With Boston fighting the Yankees for playoff turf, perhaps someone with even more experience and a stronger track record like John McDonald? Though Pedroia has been cleared to continue playing, one never knows what can happen when players try to play through those nagging injuries. The Red Sox can’t afford to fall behind in the standings even early in the year and don’t have suitable backups for the middle infield. Even though we’re not flush with middle infielders ourselves, you just know that AA is waiting in the wings looking for opportunities to add to our organizational depth. He has shown himself adept at adding pieces to the puzzle in the short term to enhance the team’s future. Those phone calls will come and I believe almost anyone is available for the right price.

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