Tuesday, March 16, 2010

More Middle Relief Trade Opportunities
Another potential trade partner is clearly identified today in this article by Ken Rosenthal about NY Met pitching phenom Jenrry Mejia. Even the Phillies don't have as strong a middle relief corps as they would like and continued uncertainty regarding what they are going to get with Brad Lidge. It seem that the number of potential trading partners AA has to talk to about our excess of middle relief is growing by the days. I have no doubt his blackberry is working overtime!

In addition to Jason Frasor and Scott Downs, David Purcey is apparently drawing attention from other clubs. The Jays have changed his repertoire to try and make him more consistent and throw more strikes which has been the only thing keeping him from sticking at the ML level. Reducing the number of pitches he has to throw to a fastball and slider makes him a great setup or closer candidate. His stuff has never been in question. Additional information provided by  Bruce Walton, Jays pitching coach.

And the possibilities just keep on growing. Stay tuned during the next couple of weeks and watch Alex add to our farm through trading our excess pitching.

Hechevarria Clarity
More details coming to light about the Adeiny Hechevarria signing via MLB Trade Rumors today which references a couple of articles from the Toronto newspapers worth reading.

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    With an excellent discussion thread as well! Good work finding it. I've been looking through every baseball site I know tracking stuff on this kid.