Saturday, March 13, 2010

How to Get to Post Season

The Road to Success

I like where we're headed as a team and the job AA has done so far. It's time for him to turn some of our excess pitching assets into some position players with some talent and upside through the trade route. This is one of the reasons why I have previously posted on another site that the Jays should not let the opportunity to do a deal with the Cubs or the Twins pass by. It has been widely reported that both teams have expressed interest in Jason Frasor and perhaps Scott Downs due to serious injuries with their relief core. The Cubs in particular have a multitude of SS prospects and BA lists 4 on their list of Cubs top 10 prospects.

Starlin Castro is likely untouchable but what would it take to acquire Hak Ju Lee. He is only in A ball but after reading his profile, he sounds to me like a Justin Jackson who can hit! He is 2-3 years away and needs to mature physically as well, since he's only 18, but has the size to hit for some power as well as average once he fills out. If Jason Frasor isn't enough to acquire him, let Alex sweeten the pot and add someone else to get the deal done even if we could potentially be paying more - like the Brandon Morrow deal. Alternatively, why not expand the deal to make it a bigger one. I'm not sure of the Cubs other weaknesses - this is where someone else could comment to add some value to the conversation.

This Year's Draft

One can never have too much pitching and I know GM's love to say they always draft the best players, but it would be nice if we could focus this year's draft on some bats for the future. This team is at least 2-3 years from seriously competing for the post season in our division. A strong 3rd baseman, SS, or outfielder drafted this year could potentially be ready by then.

It always amazes me how certain organizations have more success drafting position players (Brewers, Rangers) while others have more success drafting and developing pitchers (Jays, Braves). Perhaps AA's desire to add a broader cross-section of scouting experience is an attempt to balance Jays ability to identify both pitching and bats.

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