Saturday, March 27, 2010

Dream of Future Jays Stars

Sporting News has a great section on the upcoming MLB draft and this week’s “mock” draft which provides great food for discussion about possible future Blue Jays. This week has the Jays drafting a pitcher out of Ohio State named Alex Wimmers. They just happen to have a profile of Wimmers as well which makes for interesting reading.

Ken Rosenthal reports that the Cubs, Twins, D'backs all have need for pitching with the D'backs need being specifically for starters. Apparently the Tigers Nate Robertson doesn't quite cut it for Arizona so it is unlikely one of the Jays young starters would either. However, this is where Dana Eveland is an ace in the hole. He is a known quantity to them having been in their organization already prior to being part of the Dan Haren deal. The Twins and Cubs continue to scout Frasor and Downs but don't expect to make a deal to start the season.


  1. I sure hope they go for a higher potential ceiling pick than Wimmers.

  2. Zack Cox going 25th is just ridiculous. He's a guy who I think the Jays should and could go after.