Friday, March 26, 2010

Clubhouse Rumblings and More

Interesting article in the Globe and Mail this morning about the Jays clubhouse today compared to when Doc Halladay was with us. Amazing how people remember things differently once someone has been traded. In all the years Doc was with the Jays I never heard anything said that was other than admiration for Doc, his work ethic, quiet leadership, and willingness to help people. Even taken with a grain of salt, I guess one never knows what goes on behind closed doors.

Rumor has it the Phillies are looking for pitching depth and are looking to pick up a pitcher who is out of options . I’m guessing the Phillies are hoping for a cheap alternative off the waiver wire or someone DFA. The Jays have lots of players who could potential fit this category who might fit the purpose in a minor deal though the farm is a little thinner after the Halladay deal.

A Dallas newspaper reports that the Ranger’s bullpen is full of holes and requires shoring up. Rangers have one of the highest rated farm systems in all of baseball and might be willing to part with a lower level talent to make a deal. Rangers have many of the parts in place to compete for a playoff spot today so it’s just a matter of filling in the gaps. Their prospect list includes a couple of top outfielders but is full of top young pitching prospects at the lower levels but tons of upside.

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